Dhantham Dental Hospital, at Nungambakkam , is an exclusive skin and oral care center, that caters to needs related to Aesthetic and Cosmetic Skin, Non surgical Cosmetic Treatments, Injectables and needs related to oral cavity- braces, myofunctional appliances, root canal treatments, crowns and bridges, full mouth rehabilitation under general anesthesia.

The Clinic maintains high standards of professionalism and ethics, and provides access to the best and the most advanced treatments for skin and oral cavity problems. An aesthetic ambiance, friendly staff, dentists trained at renowned institutions, and treatments based on proven clinical evidence are unique factors that help our patients to revisit us. The Clinic was ranked First among Pediatric Dental Clinics in Rotary Club for it’s unique establishment of No Cavity Program.

Our Philosophy in skin

The hospital prefers latest treatments and techniques from around the world to our  patients in India. Be it formulating advanced protocols for various skin cosmetic needs, customizing the needs to cater to Indian skin. We develop newer techniques to our nation specifically to our city.

We seek perfection and excellence and success is our rewards.

Our Philosophy in Oral Care

We are a procedural dental clinic. Where other conventional hygiene measures/ daily oral care routine have not worked for your concern, we administer the right procedure at right time by right doctors at our clinic.

To give an example, for pigmentation in gums that is resistant, we would offer the option of laser pigment removal. For the decayed tooth with pain, we would likely offer pulp therapy if indicated, once the pain is vanished, we prefer a crown after thorough Intra oral examination and Periapical X ray..

Why Do We Do This?

Because most of our patients coming to us are on a referral basis after having failed one or more conventional therapies. Either the patients seek a second opinion regarding the treatment. It makes us to understand the procedural needs, and introduce such treatment modalities which have a better chance of treating the condition than persist with older modalities.

Everything we follow is on recommended guidelines based on established research and published information. Continuing the above example, we would not offer skin treatments to someone with a compromised systemic health, as this would not work in long term.