Certificate in 3D Bioprinting in Dentistry

In this course or Online session we will engage in a series of challenges designed to increase the understanding of 3d Bioprinting and build more research yielding strategies. As preparation for these tasks, Dr T Pavani reveals challenges in 3D Bioprinting, dynamic features of the 3D Bioprinter that lead us to rethink our post graduate or PhD thesis, and the research that can help us change. You will ultimately be prepared to successfully incorporate 3D bioprinting in your research. This course is for 11 days and assignments.

Certificate is in association with AVAY BIOSCIENCES, India. https://www.avay.tech/

What is 3D Bioprinting ?

Understanding the 3D bioprinting in depth

Scope of 3d Biorpinting in Dentistry

Various Methods of 3D Bioprinting

Soft tissue In vitro Applications

Hard Tissue In Vitro Applications

Invivo applications

How to prepare a Bioink ? Testing the scaffolds for dental purposes

Testimonials by Previous students

Arjun Jayachandran arjunjc93@gmail.com

Pavani Ma’am’s classes are very informative. It covers all the latest advances in dental materials, Tissue Engineering and regenerative medicine. More emphasis is given to recent research done in the field of head and neck regenerative medicine. After attending her classes I feel more confident in my knowledge on 3D Bioprinting, Regenerative medicine and biomaterials used in these fields of research. Ma’am gives proper guidance about how to search for new research articles, how to write a research paper and review article, use of scientific tools like Zotero in helping us organize and easily compile our research work. She clears all the doubts that we have promptly. She is very friendly, approachable and always made time for us when we needed her assistance despite her busy schedule. I highly recommend Pavani Ma’am’s classes.

Panisha, Medical Devices, NIPER panishagundelli@gmail.com

You taught us the subjects in a fun, easy, and memorable way.
-Apart from the subjects that are assigned to you, you gave a session on literature search and review article writing. It tells how passionate you are about your work!.
-At the end of my course, I gained in-detailed knowledge on all the subjects(additive manufacturing, tissue engineering, advanced biomaterials, introduction to medical devices regulatory) with their application in the real world

Suyog suyogtangade1998@gmail.com

Ma’am explains each and every concept thoroughly for both subjects
1) Advanced Biomaterials
2)Additive Manufacturing
Ma’am used reasearch article during teaching that is also helpful in details subject knowledge.

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