Certificate in Advanced Pediatric Dental Practice

Along the way, You will learn to diagnose various dental ailments in infants, children and adolescents including those with special needs. You will also learn to visualize your treatment protocols, evaluate prognosis, and optimize your treatment. You’ll also get to practice your new skills through hands-on.

Upon successful completion of the program, you’ll earn the Certificate in Advanced Pediatric Dental Practice.

Applied Learning Training:

Through out the project, you will get to practice your new skills through hands on. Our Course offers an opportunity to apply clinical knowledge to solve everyday case scenarios

Diagnosis : Identifying the disease even at early stage

Prevention : Fluoride therapy to Iconic Treatments

Radiology in Pediatric Dentistry : From advanced lesions of head and neck to simple periapical radiolucency included without any differentiation

Treatments : Restorations in Children , SSC preparation, Zirconica, Rotary endodontics, Lasers usage in Frenectomy and Curretage

Prognosis : This is an important aspect to evaluate the treatment options. This course highlights the simple issues yet complicated. The patient has a right to know the prognosis.

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