Dhantham Dental Hospital has under taken the Hospital Dental Services with various corporate hospital. We made our tie up with Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Guindy, Chennai in 2020.  We cater the Ante Natal, Natal and Post Natal Dental Services apart from practicing regular Pediatric Dentistry at Rainbow Children’s hospital. We also entered a mutual agreement with Krishna Kids Medical center. In this premises, we cater family dental needs and Dento-facial esthetics.  We are deeply committed to our ethical stand with the MOU. In our clinic, you will not find untrained staff, rather you will meet Dental and nursing professionals who have put in years of training into their skills. We are always looking to improve our follow up services and unrestricted services to the Corporate Hospitals, and we welcome on board other corporate Hospitals. Dhantham Dental Hospital does not have conflict of interest in offering the corporate tie ups. We are looking forward to introduce our dentofacial services in your premises.