Root Canal treatments in Children: Myths and facts

Is it necessary in children ?


Milk teeth anyways will fall down?

Yes but it helps in maintaining the space till permanent takes its place.  When the milk teeth gets damaged earlier by two or three years than its physiological time period in the oral cavity: space loss happens and eventually crooked teeth.

Is it painful?

No. The treatment is painless as the child will be evaluated to either do it in local anesthesia or sedation. But a discomfort of opening of mouth or prick just similar to ant bite will be felt.

Is the sleeping water safe (Local anesthesia) ?

Yes safe and few might be allergic. We will provide a test dose if it is the first time to see for any allergic reactions.

The root canal for baby and adult is same?

No. It’s not same. For children – we place a calcium paste that eventually reduce or dissolve (Resorp) and resembles milk teeth resorption activity.

Clean the canals

Shape it

Place the paste

Close the obturation.

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